Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Village Idiot

A fast, trick taking game of medieval village politics!
Life in a medieval village can be very political. On one side you have the Mayor - respected, powerful, able to affect real change. On the other side you have the Village Idiot.

Challenge other players to a battle of skill and luck. Add to the rules of the game as you seize power but beware! No one is above the law. Claw your way to the top and do your best to stay there in this fast, fun, trick taking game with a twist! Village Idiot plays in less than an hour for 3-10 people. You'll be jumping right out of your seat!

A typical hand

Based on several classic party games, Village Idiot combines trick taking, rules making and six rounds of play with every round progressively changing as players build upon the basic rules.
Objective: Become the mayor of your small, medieval village.
Game Play: The entire deck is dealt out to all of the players. The deck consists of numbered cards from 2 - 15. Several cards have special abilities or act as wild cards.
In round one, whoever has the Start card (a 4) begins play. Each player must then play one or two cards of a higher number. Play continues clockwise. The first player to discard all of their cards becomes the Mayor and scores 5 points. The second becomes the Councilor and scores 4 points, and so on.
The last player with cards in their hand becomes the Village Idiot.
Players then rearrange their seating So that play begins with the Mayor, proceeds to the Councilor and so on. The player who has become the Mayor then gets to add one rule to the game, which must be followed until the game ends. Any player who does not follow this rule finds themselves drawing more cards rather than playing them.
The game continues for six rounds, with seating changing and new rules entering play. At the end of the sixth round, the player with the most points wins.
Easy to learn as all of the rules fit on two standard, poker sized cards. Village Idiot can be played with family or friends and be as fun or as cutthroat as you want it to be!

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A few cards

Special Thanks to Ben Gerber

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