Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Salem Conspiracy

It's 1692 and dark magic runs rampant in the New World. A covenant of magic users is plotting to kidnap the members of 4 different merchant families that have been talking a little bit too much to the magistrates in charge of the witch hunt. But this is not an easy task: the practitioners will first have to collect the ingredients for the powerful spells – Lucky Clovers ♣, Bleeding Hearts ♥, Dead Man's Spades ♠ and Powdered Diamonds ♦. Only then they will be able to kidnap the members of the merchant families and bend the authority to their will!
The Salem Conspiracy is a dice drafting game that is played with seven character cards, a standard 52 card deck and four 6-sided dice. At the beginning of the round, players roll the dice, which determines which of the seven character cards that are laid on the table can be used that round. Players take turns assigning the four dice to the different character cards and execute their abilities, which allows them to draw cards, impair their opponent or manipulate the deck or their hands of cards. If players are holding three cards of the same suit, they can choose to discard them at the end of the round and take a J, Q or K of the corresponding suit, provided they have used the specialized character on that round. The first player to get one J, Q or K of every suit under their control wins the game!

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