Monday, May 23, 2016

Love Letter

There are ALOT of reThemes of this game -

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Farmers Finances

Another great 9 card nano game thanks to the Board Game Geek 9 card nano game contest.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Kickstarter: One Deck Dungeon (20 days left to back)

Adventure calls...but you don't have four hours or the desire to set up hundreds of pieces. You want action now! One Deck Dungeon lets you jump right in, bash down doors, roll dice, and squash baddies with style. By using each of the cards in four different ways (as an encounter, XP, a skill/potion, or a stat-boosting item), all the experience of dungeon delving has been fit into a compact package.


A semi coop game with two tribes trying to defeat a Moogh in a blood n' fur hurly burly. Among survivors - the most savage tribe will win leadership of both tribes.

(I have this game printed waiting to be cut out and hit the table) My first initial thoughts: The art is amazing - and the amount of detail put into the cards is very good. Being the total amount of printing needed is 2 pages is definitely a winner

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Deep Space D6

You are a Captain of the UEF! Your RPTR class starship was on routine patrol of the Auborne system when a distress call was received. Upon warping in you quickly realized it was a trap! With the help of your crew, you must survive until a rescue fleet appears.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fourth Grade Confidential

Danger lurks in the halls of Northfield Elementary. The school yard is no place for the meek. Only one man can protect the innocent children from bullies, cheaters, and thiefs. But unfortunately Principal Jones is usually too tied up with PTA meetings, in-service days, and keeping his office chair warm. That leaves Adin Simon, private eye, gumshoe, and sleuth to clean up after the fact. Fourth grade may not be safe, but with a bit of grit and determination he'll solve your case and bring your culprit to justice...or get wedgied trying.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dungeon War

Dungeon War is a game for 2-4 players, where the player control groups of Heroes and Monsters in an expanding dungeon and must gather as much treasure as they can, while using their monsters to defeat the other treasure Hunters.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Kickstarter: Terrible Monster (Campaign has ended)

Terrible Monster is a battle card game for two players. Each player starts with four lives, two counter tokens, and a hand of five cards from the deck of 16 cards,

Kickstarter: Corrupted Kingdoms (Campaign has ended)

Even though the Campaign has ended the Pnp Demo Files are still available.

Corrupted Kingdoms is a fun strategy and negotiation game set in a fantasy world, where you take on the role of an evil corporate monster, fighting for power over the pathetic united kingdoms and its political elite. To advance your hidden agenda, and enrich the lives of your friends and associates, you will use your horde of minions to corrupt and subvert the assembly of the realm. Use the right kinds of "persuasion", increase your own power, and push backroom deals through the assembly, all while looting the kingdom and its people of all its worth.

Kickstarter: Ave: A Game of Deceit and Glory in Ancient Rome (14 Days Left to Back)

In Ave (Ah-Vay), each player represents a powerful Roman General, Senator, Noble, or Priestess battling for favor in the Emperor's court. Using deceit, backstabbing, diplomacy, or simple violence, rise to the top and annihilate your rivals. Ave is a fast-paced competitive card game for 2-4 players.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Kickstarter: Campaign Trail (25 Days Left to back)

Campaign Trail is a strategy board game in which players pit their campaign skills against one another as they vie for the Presidency of the United States. The confetti is flying, the champagne is flowing, and you have just accepted your party's nomination for President of the United States. Now it's time to hit the Campaign Trail! How will you chart your path to victory?

Kickstarter: The Wizards Path (26 days left to Back)

The Wizards Path is a worker placement / hand management game for 1-4 players ages 12 and up. Each player represents an elemental Wizard that has a natural affinity to one of the four basic elements:  Air, Earth, Fire, or Water. Players build their Path by using a discard cost mechanic, then use the Focuscroll (game board) abilities to help put the cards in sequence, creating a balanced Wizards Path.

When your Path is strong enough, you will be able to summon powerful spells, known as the Majum. Use the court cards as support to your Path or petition the allied courts to gain influence.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Kickstarter: Dale of Merchants 2 (21 days Left to Back)

The world has grown smaller. Civilizations around different continents have established independent free trade cities in order to ease trading between distant lands. One of those cities, Yingwan, is now looking for a new ruler – a new Trade Master.