Saturday, April 19, 2014

[KickStarter] Little Dungeon

 Here is a game from Kickstarter 

- Please enjoy and consider backing this project! -

Little Dungeon: Turtle Rock is a dungeon crawling card game. Designed to be simple, imaginative and accessible for young children while having a level of fun to captivate tweens, teens, young adults, parents and grandparents.
As you make your way through this dungeon adventure, collect all the treasure you can. You can get loot, weapons, and special cards to help you along the way, but keep an eye out for those monsters! They have a lot of goodies, but they won't give them up without a fight. You can defend against them, attack them or pay them off. If you defeat them, all their treasure is yours! But look out, for when the Shadow Mage makes his appearance the pace really picks up! The player who collects the most loot wins!

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