Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dungeon in a Tin

Dungeon in a Tin is a solo or cooperative dungeon-hack. Players descend into a dungeon randomly laid-out from a stack of tiles, fighting through the orc and goblin hordes to rescue the kidnapped maiden and collect treasure and glory.

Each player takes turns to move through the dungeon one tile at a time, laying new tiles as unexplored areas are entered; every time a player enters a room, special monster dice are rolled to determine the enemies faced and the potential loot to be found. When a monster attacks, a die is rolled to determine the style of their attack; the player then chooses a card from his hand to counter with, each card being strong against some kinds of attack and weak against others.
The ultimate goal of the game is for the players to fight their way to the bottom of the dungeon to rescue the captured maiden - and then fight their way out with her. The dungeon will become harder to fight through as the player delves deeper, and then harder still on the way out with a helpless rescuee in tow.

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