Sunday, April 13, 2014

[Kickstarter] Stormy Weather

 Here is a game from Kickstarter 

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Stormy Weather is two player game about two mad scientists competing to win a gardening trophy, using a series of increasingly powerful weather machines. Play takes place on a 3x5 board, where each square has one of five types of weather. Players take on the identity (and abilities) of one of the mad scientists.
Players use their weather machines to move or create weather, with the aim of getting good weather to their side of the board or giving bad weather to their opponents. These can range from the humble remote control cloud to the gargantuan Noahmatic or the planetary realigner. Each machine can normally be used once per round, so the sequencing of play is important. At the end of each turn, sun and rain help gardens to grow, while heatwave and lightning cause them to wither and die.

The final action of the game comes from the play of a 'taunt' card, which contains a special, hidden move and an associated threat to yell at your opponent.
The player with the most flowers at the end of the game will be the winner.

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