Sunday, April 6, 2014

Witch Hunt

In an odd little village in a far away place, strange things have been happening. Suspicion and unease have reached a crescendo of wild conjecture and accusations, and Mr Tiddles the cat, once a beloved member of the community, is now seen as an artefact of witchcraft. Just how much does Mrs Hogbottom and her suspiciously hooked nose have to answer for?
The game is played over a series of rounds, until at least one player has 5 points. In each round, the Villagers try to find the Witches, and the Witches try to stay hidden. You gain points for finding Witches and by keeping your identity hidden the longest.

The game contains the following 18 cards:
• 6 Identity cards
• 12 Rumour cards

You will also need some paper and a pen to keep score.


Players:  3-6

Pages in document:  2

Replayability: Depends on your group but I would think this is generally has Higher Replay value

Theme:   4 / 5
(How well does the title stick to the theme)

Out of the box Playability:  Print - Cut - Shuffle Play: 2 pages of cards to cut.
(Literally Print and play - All night assembly)

Playtime Avg:  15 Minutes

Printer Friendly:  Very Low ink usage; a full color version can be found here
(Big file? Heavy Ink user?)

Link to BGG page

Link to File

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