Thursday, April 10, 2014

L’esprit de Marie-Antoinette the card game

As a perfumer, try to reach the perfect chord’ to seduce Marie-Antoinette with your best creation. Only one of you can expect begining the royal perfumer of Versailles and will be authorized to name hi best perfume

« The Spirit of Marie-Antoinette ».
This project is about a free « print and play » card game. With the kind support of his author, José Carlos de Diego Guerrero, I saw revised completely the design of the game but also decided to translate it. We can now play in French, English or Spanish.

I propose the cards in .pdf but also a .jpeg version of every card optimized to print the game in bridge card’s size on the website PrinterStudio.

Download the files at the -
Creator's Website

The basic game (in Spanish and in English) is downloadable there:

Special Thanks to Eve!

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