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You play the part of a Fairy Lord, commanding one of the four armies of Fairy in an epic tournament.
For each tournament, four humans are 'invited' to join by the fairy lords. Often kidnapped or unwittingly stumbling into the Fairy land, these humans exemplify the fairy's love of fools and foolish people.
You can use your powers to change the outcome of each battle, but be wary! The nobility of Fairy are very honorable in nature and won’t stand for such trickery! And watch out for the fools! They can ruin your whole battle.
Fools! is a simple card game, with one deck of 64 cards. Each player draws a small 'army' of 3 face down cards and a hand of three cards. The army cards represent those fairies who will distinguish themselves in battle. Your hand represents fairies and fools you can use to hinder your opponents or strengthen your own army.
Cards can be played as Standard Bearers, some with special effects. Players are then required to replace a card in their opponent's army with one from their hand. They may then replace a card in their own army with one from their hand. Through this all, their army cards remain hidden from everyone.
At the end of each turn, your hand is discarded and your army cards (actually those who've distinguished themselves in this round of battle) are revealed. Points are added up and the highest score wins the turn.
2 player games play to 5 points, 3 players to 4 points and 4 players to three points.
This light card game is meant to fill the same roll as Zombie Dice - a fast, light and portable game to be played anywhere. Also great with kids.

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Special Thanks to Ben Gerber

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