Sunday, April 20, 2014

Maze of the Red Mage

…You awaken in a small shadowy chamber lit only by a fiery brazier…a deep voice from a shimmering red figure intones “You will plague me no longer! You have interfered in my plans for far too long. You claim to be a hero? Well then… let’s put you to the test! I have entombed you inside my maze…can you escape and prove yourself worthy of the title hero? If you can escape my maze before sunrise I shall leave your lands forever…
Maze of the Red Mage is a solitaire dungeon adventure game. Your goal is to defeat the Red Mage by escaping before the sunrises! If the Sun rises or you die in the maze, the Red Mage will rule your lands forever!
The dungeon is set up randomly face down using tiles. A blend of the classic PC games Minesweeper and Rogue Maze of the Red Mage includes: variable creatures, treasures, dungeon design and characters making every game different! It includes rules to level up your character as well, all in a quick re-playable lunchtime escape!

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