Sunday, June 8, 2014


I have been Searching All over the Internet for a game like this!!!!

A tactical Combat printable board game...... Melee!

Melee is a board game of pre-gunpowder individual combat. On a paper hex map representing an arena, players fight it out with thin cardboard counters.

Fighters are rated for Stength and Dexterity and can carry weapons and armors of various advantages/disadvantages.

Included a A 32-page booklet, about 4" by 8", with a 12" by 14" hex map and counter sheet.

Click here for the BGG page
Click here for the Files

Post a comment to let me know what you think of this game.


  1. Been playing this since it was created, used to write articles about it for the Space Gamer magazine, and was listed as a playtester when Melee, and its sequel Wizard, were combined into The Fantasy Trip. A great game, still holds up almost 40 years later

  2. Found a great website -more Hex maps, Stats, rules, player aides and scenarios.

  3. Hey! I just recently got into boardgames and found this, not really sure how to play it (read the rules over and over). Is there any video on the web that shows how to play it?