Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Star Viking

"Raiding vessels sweep across the star systems to loot glittering worlds. In system after system, dark cruisers materialize from hyperspace, launching a cloud of fighters to vaporize the local in-system patrol boats -- then comes the savage plunder of whole planets by powersuited raiding parties and grav-armor detachments."
"Scattered thinly across the Outrim sector, the frigates of the Federate squadron desperately deploy, attempting to weld the undermanned planetary defenses and low-tech local militias into a cohesive force capable of resisting the star-born horror from beyond the rim -- the coming of the STAR VIKINGS."

"STAR VIKING is a game of interstellar raiding and plunder for two players. Using a unique system of 12 mapboard tiles to represent the various star systems in the Outrim sector, it captures the tense uncertainty and the sudden, flashing battles of an interstellar war. Units represented include Viking cruisers, sloops, and fighters. Federate and local frigates, battle-cruisers, and patrol boats, as well as raiding detachments, security forces, grav-armor units, specialized warfare pods, and conventional low-tech armed forces ranging from atmospheric aircraft to stone-age hordes."

Todd Sanders has done a redesign of the graphics and those can be found Here

Click here for BGG page
Click here for Files:  A print-and-play version of this game is available for free, authorized download from http://dwarfstar.brainiac.com/ds_starviking.html

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