Thursday, June 19, 2014

No Good Gremlins

It's Rocket Festival in Junktown! This is the time of year when the mayor awards medals to everyday folks for building and launching rockets using the abundant scrap lying around town. Everyone loves Rocket Festival, but no one loves it more than those hungry little gremlins. That's because there are tons of tasty rockets to munch! As soon as you think you have a prize-winning rocket, a horde of ravenous gremlins just might sweep through and leave you with nothing! So launch those rockets fast, because when the festival ends, who ever has the best medal collection wins!
No Good Gremlins is a family card game for two to five players. Use your turn to start construction on new rockets or build up the ones you already have. Completed rockets can be launched for points, but the bigger the rocket, the more points it will earn. Be careful though! The longer you wait to launch a rocket, the greater the chance it will be eaten by gremlins.

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