Monday, June 2, 2014

Dungeon Construction Kit: Cursed!

You were extremely excited when the Dungeon Construction Kit you had ordered finally landed on your doormat. That excitement lasted until the moment you opened the box. Unfortunately it seems that some evil blackguard had put a curse on it and you immediately found yourself inside your own kit. Now there's only one thing for it: construct your way out. And while you're at it, kill as many monsters and take as much treasure back to the real world as possible...
A print & play card game where each card can either be a room on the map or an action. The best rooms are generally also the best actions, so you have to choose which is the best way to use each card. The card pool allows you to see up to 12 cards at a time, of which up to 4 will be immediately available for play, so there is a limited opportunity to plan ahead.

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  1. Yeah I have great memories with these popular board games of my childhood. I Loved playing board games with my friends and it was my favorite time pass.