Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Aether Captains: Triad 2

TRIAD 2 contains 3 new Aether Captains games -

BorderStrike - a mini war game on 6 hex map cards. Players take on the roll of the Aether Navy or the Federation of Air Pirates, each commanding 2 ships. On a turn players may either navigate, attack or repair their ships. Dice are used to resolve battle skirmishes and damage taken. 2 players 10-20 minutes

Black Raiders - Air Pirates have gathered to decide who shall lead them next, in trial by combat! Build the strongest airship, stock it with weapons, a fearless crew, and a fast engine. Then engage in a do or die dogfight to see who will have supremacy over the Federation of Air Pirates. Players take turns stocking their air ship sections based on combination dice rolls then battle each other. Last one standing wins 2-3 players, 10-20 minutes
Aether Shaman - Shamen of the two most powerful Northern Tribes meet once a year in a contest of wills and talent, shaping aetheric energy in a day long duel. Only one, however, can become an AetherShaman. Players use 6 cards as a game board adding markers based on die rolls to 5 different areas. Strategy involves using your dice wisely to control the game and victory points gained. 2 players, 10-15 minutes

Triad 2 also contains the following card expansions to the first Aether Captains: Triad game -

Celinian Trader:
2 Income cards: to keep track of gold earned during the game. Each player begins with nine gold pieces.
6 Trade Market cards: replace the original Trade Market card with these. Shuffle the six cards each round and turn one card face up to set Market Buy/Sell prices.

1 Victory Point Track card for scorekeeping.
10 City State cards: shuffle cards at the beginning of the game. Each player should draw one card to determine their Ruling House and keep it hidden. Set the remaining City State cards aside.

Zeppelin Derby:
2 Derby Course cards: for a longer game replace
the original Finish Line card with these new cards.
The expansion features a new Aether Mine icon for the derby course.
7 Race Cards: shuffle these with the original cards for the extended game. Each player will be dealt 6 cards instead of 4. Set the remaining cards aside.

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