Thursday, May 19, 2016


A semi coop game with two tribes trying to defeat a Moogh in a blood n' fur hurly burly. Among survivors - the most savage tribe will win leadership of both tribes.

(I have this game printed waiting to be cut out and hit the table) My first initial thoughts: The art is amazing - and the amount of detail put into the cards is very good. Being the total amount of printing needed is 2 pages is definitely a winner
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From the Developer:

The dark night goes pale. Slowly thin streaks of light lift up like hair and splits the insipid sky. A drop of blue slowly bleeds out in the ocean from the center and out.“Moogh” said the male tribe leader. All others around him in the cave opening knew what it meant. Gathering the stingers they made from flint and sticks they set off in the now golden pink but cold morning.

Scuffling through the dense woods and out in the plains they could see their prey towering in the distance under the sun which had now shown its full face. “Ugh Moogh Oog” they exclaimed. A few moments later it was all a vortex of hairs and muscle, blood sprouting,
shouting and stabbing their shafts with flint spearheads into the huge beast. The Mammoth chase had begun - Will they survive the fight and who will be the one that finish off the big beast

Designed by: Niklas Hook
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