Sunday, July 26, 2015

Changing the Format a bit

I've mentioned earlier this weekend that some changes were coming, Below is a list of some of the things coming down the pipeline...

  • New Blog Theme (already changed, How do you like it? (Comments))
  • I will be discussing more wide range of games, While Print and Play is the games I want to keep a focus on, as a resource for the gaming community - I also want to use this space to talk about some of the other games I have been playing.
  • Reviews - I'd like to try to pin a review to each of the games I list - as this may be a hard task to take on solo - Please contact me if you would like to add a review or have a review blog I can link to. 
  • More Community generated content - Links to various gaming blogs people may not have known were out there. (Please contact me to get your blog listed)
  • A greater focus on Kickstarter games - with or without PNP versions - I think its very important we support the future of the gaming industry by kickstarting projects community members have worked hard on producing. 
  • More regular content - I think with the opening up the format to a variety of games content will be coming out more regularly and I'm going to work on keeping up with this blog.
    • Your support helps - page views, post comments, facebook conversations, G+ and Twitter posts, is the reason I have come back so thank you all for bringing me back to posting 
  • Easier to download games - I'm looking into some file hosting options - while still giving credit to the content providers. Because without the game makers, we wouldn't have such great games.
  • Many Many more things... 
Keep checking the site for updates - should be some new pages coming up soon - and plenty of posts.

For now you can leave a comment on this post, Facebook, G+ or Twitter, I will be working on getting a Contact Page setup.

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