Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mall of the Deads

This is a PNP Zombie survival game for 2-6 players. The setting is in a Mall. Players can choose from 12 familiar characters. Each character has his/her own objectives to get besides surviving. For example, a stunt man must find his daughter & a vaccine while a high school girl needs to find her brother. Each character earns a certain victory points if he/she got the right people/item AND arrived at the security room OR exit to parking lot. However, the security room & the exit door are both locked. You must get the key/keycard before others getting them.
Players will meet new survivors in the mall during exploration. You may ask them to join you by giving items they want. You earn extra VPs by escorting them to safety. However, food, weapons & ammo are limited. Players must compete with each other for food & ammo while sharing with his partner survivors.
Beside the brainless zombies, there are other hostile enemies like terrorists, psychopaths & mystic cultists. So players may also need to co-operate with each other to survive against the hordes of enemies. You have to plan when to co-operate & when to betray the other players. Players with most VPs at game end wins.

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This is a component heavy project.
- two maps each of two A4 size
- two counter sheets
- one paper stand sheet x 2
- 30 plastic bases (6 different colored bases [one color each] for character stands & 24 clear bases for enemy stands)
- 30 characer cards
- 42 weapon cards
- two enemy information cards
- two player aid cards
- four color dice (red, yellow, green, blue)
- two cloth bags
- rulebook

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